Cardiac Care Associate (CCA)

Kentucky Chapter CCA Liaison
Pat Hovart, R.N.
793 Eastern By-Pass
Suite 201
Richmond, KY 40475

Welcome to the CCA page of the ACC Kentucky Chapter. We have a vision for all CCAs to contribute as we are such an important partner in our patient’s health care. Preventive care is the key to preventing heart disease as we all know. Unfortunately we have a very obese population within our state along with a huge percentage of smokers.

As a group we feel we can help educate our children as to heart healthy habits. We envision development of educational groups of CCA. These group of CCAs will be called “chambers”. These chambers will be located throughout our state. For each chamber there will be a chairperson who will coordinate all local activities and participate in teleconferences with all state chairpersons.

As a statewide ACC activity, once a year, we can tackle a project to occur simultaneously throughout the state on the same day. This project will revolve around Healthy Heart Habits. Again, we feel strongly, we need to start with our children. Education is the key.

We need volunteers for these committees along with volunteers who will be willing to chair a chamber from all parts of Kentucky. We truly believe we can improve the heart health of Kentuckians by educating our young to start good lifelong heart healthy habits. Together we can make a difference. Please consider helping us develop our “chambers” by volunteering to be a chairperson.

You can contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Patricia Horvat, RN
Cardiac Care Associate
Kentucky Chapter of the American College of Cardiology